Fundation Activities

The Gheorghe Ursu Foundation was initiated in December 1995 by founding members Gabriel Andreescu, Radu Filipescu, Olga Ursu, Andrei Ursu si Sorin Vieru. From the beginning, it advocated for finding and exposing the truth regarding Gheorghe Ursu's assassination and for bringing to justice the culprits. It initiated legal suits, complaints to prosecutors, memoranda to authorities. To this end it colaborated with the Romanian Institute for the Investigation of the Crimes of Comunism and the Romanian Exile Memory. 
It colaborated with the Civic Academy Fundation for Gheorghe Ursu's memorialization in the hall 77 of the Sighet Memorial to the Victims of Communism and of the Resistence.
It colaborated with the Catavencu Academy and the Romanian Institute of Recent History in the research and publication of the "Listei lui Secu" - the exposition of the former Securitate officers and their new positions of power in post-Revolution Romania.
Togehter with other civic organizations, we signed many petitions to authorities (among them, the  "Appeal for Romania") for the moral reform of the justice, political, journalistic, and cultural systems in Romania, domains which had been prfoundly affected by the Communist dictatorship, and still infiltrated by that regime's sicophants. 

Fundation Awards

- Romulus Balazs - for the film "Souvenirs de Iasi", a documentary of profound humanity, investigative acumen and  visual intensity, in which the author discovers and explains a dark page in the history of his people during the Holocaust. 
- Adrian Cioflâncă - for his invaluable historical research; for the analytical talent, tenacity, courage and exemplary civic conscience with which he exposed the totalitarian phenomenon in Romana - from both the left and the right - in all of its complexity.

- Attorney Florica Enescu - for her judicial consulting, carried with professionalism and understanding.

- Dan Perjovschi - for the incisive irony and wit of his graphic art  (as well as his writing in the "Vis-a-vis" column ) which reflect on the foibles and illusions of the Romanian society .
- Felicia Antip - for her journalistic writing advocating for critical thinking and respect for the truth; for her unwavering criticism of the  nationalist-chauvinist and totalitarian tendencies in politics and culture.

- Victor Barsan - for the  book "The Great Journey - the Life and Death of Engineer Gheorghe Ursu".
- Herma Koepernik Kennel - for the book  "Es gibt Dinge, die muss mann einfach tun" ("Jogging with the Securitate - the Resistance of Young Radu Filipescu").
- Sergiu Radu Ruba - for his literary opus and exemplary civic engagement.

- Andrei Cornea - for the book "The illusion-making device" and his entire journalistic activity.
- Iordan Chimet - for his antologies "The Right to Memory" si "The Moment of Truth".
- Cornelia Stefanescu - for her efforts related to the recovery and publication of Gheorghe Ursu's writings.

- Academia Civica - in support of the project "Sighet Memorial"
- Luminita Salagean - for the film "The King of Butterflies"
- Helmut Frauendorfer - for the film "Testament of a Murdered Poet"
- Cornel Mihalache - for the film "BABU"

High School Student's Essay Competition

"Why Would I (Not) Leave Romania" (2000)
1st Prize - Andreea Plesca, grade XII a, Colegiul National "Dr. I. Mesota", Brasov
2nd Prize - Adina Antonie, grade XII a, Colegiul National "Mihai Viteazu", Ploiesti
3rd Prize - Camelia Hostinar, grade X a, Colegiul "Costache Negruzzi", Iasi

Honorary mentions:
- Szabo Tiberiu Iosif, grade IX a, Grupul Scolar de Arte si Meserii, Brasov
- Catinca Popovici, grade XII a, Colegiul National "Alexandru Lahovary", Ramnicu Valcea
- Ioana Pelehatai, grade IX a, Liceul "George Cosbuc", Bucuresti
- Otilia Panainte, grade XII a, Liceul "Dimitrie Cantemir", Onesti
- Catalina Avasilencei, grade XII a, Liceul Teoretic "Mihai Viteazul", Slobozia

"Our Europe" (1999)
1st Prize - Stefan Sava, grade XI a, Liceul Teoretic "Mihai Viteazu", Slobozia
2nd Prize - Ruxandra Paul, grade XI a, Liceul "George Cosbuc" Bucuresti
3rd Prize- Daniil-Corneliu Iacsa, grade XII a, Seminarul Teologic Liceal Ortodox "Radu Voda" Bucuresti

Honorary mentions:
- Mihai Ghitulescu, grade XI a, Colegiul "Fratii Buzesti", Craiova
- Alex Mihai Paun, grade XII a, Colegiul "Mihail Kogalniceanu" Galati
- Claudia Ciobanu, grade XI a, Colegiul National "Dr. Ioan Mesota" Brasov
- Corina Vasilescu, grade XI a, Liceul Teoretic "Constantin Brancoveanu", com. Dabuleni, Dolj
- Tatiana Cernicova Dinca, grade IX a, Liceul Teoretic "W. Shakespeare", Timisoara

"What Society You Want to Live in?"(1998)
1st Prize - Ruxandra Paul, clasa a X a, Liceul "George Cosbuc", Bucuresti
2nd Prize- Ioana Alexandra Marin, clasa a X a, Colegiul National de Informatica, Bucuresti
3rd Prize- Lavinia Marin, clasa a X a, Colegiul National "Mihai Viteazu", Bucuresti