The file against Pirvulescu, Gheorghe Ursu's  main investigator and torturer, the man who according to overwhelming evidence was the main killer, languished in the Military Prosecutor's Office for over 11 years. Gheorghe Ursu's family made numerous inquiries and additional formal complaints with prosecutors and courts over the years, to no avail. Chief Military Prosecutor Ion Vasilache has systematically rejected all complaints for illegal reasons, siding with the former Securitate torturer. Among his pretexts: that others have been convicted (ignoring the laws covering co-authors to torture and murder) or that statute of limitations applied (ignoring the fact that political torture and murder, as a crime against humanity sanctioned by the UN Charter on human rights, and both the international and Romanian laws, have no statute of limitations.

Yet the evidence (witness accounts and Securitate documents) have been available all these years in the files of previous trials. 

It is now also available to Prosecutor General Tiberiu Nitu, whose team, after Andrei Ursu's 13 days of hunger strike, is apparently finally examining the file.