Witness Testimonies

As it can be seen reading just the following rew statements (from among 30 others - see the Romanian version), they clearly prove the subjecting to inhuman treatment, for reasons exclusively political, by the Securitate officer PARVULESCU MARIN, the principal investigator of the victim.  They attest to the helplessness of the victim, his arrest and systematic torture, over a period of two months, in detention, with the obvious intent of liquidating him physically, as opponent of the communist regime.  The victim was entirely at the mercy of his political adversary, the totalitarian regime of Ceausescu, of whose main instrument of repression was the Directorate of State Security - in this case represented by officer PIRVULESCU MARIN.

It is significant that these witness accounts were given during the penal inquiries at the SPM (the Section of the Military Parquets), as well as during the trials that lead to the sentencing of militiamen CREANGA and STANICA (dossier no. 639/2001 of the Territorial Military Tribunal of Bucharest) as well as of CLITA Marian (dossier 11/1998 of the Bucharest Tribunal,1st Penal Section.).

Statements of Witness CML

According to the register of detaining rooms assignments, CML was in the same room as Gheorghe Ursu in the latter's last days in detention, until he was taken to the hospital.

1998-10-22 SPM

"Around 2-3 days prior to be taken to Jilava penitentiary hospital, Mr Ursu was taken to interrogation in the mornings, and brought back badly beaten in a blanket, not being able to walk any longer.  Mr Ursu was complaining especially abdominal pains.  What is certain is that he was called in by his investigator...who was Major Pirvulescu..or Florescu. During the whole time that followed he was screaming in pain, but he was not accorded any medical attention.   I recall that for two days and nights Mr Ursu wailed from pain and did not receive any medical care.  I understood that he had been interrogated before.  The day he became very ill on 11-15-1985 Mr Ursu was interrogated from morning till night.  On 11-15-1985 Mr Ursu was interrogated since morning till night and brought back in a blanket. Ursu was unable to speak at that point."

This statement is evidently referring to investigator PIRVULESCU MARIN because:
- in the Militia and Securitate records there has never existed an investigator Major Florescu who would have been dealing with Gheorghe Ursu;
- from the same records of the Securitate, as well as from his own statements, Pirvulescu was the investigator of Gheorghe Ursu at the Securitate office, and he had already interrogated him while still free.

-From other witness statements (Carac., Ivan St., Radu Vasile, Clita Marian, Cimp., Martin Cr., Pasc., Costand., Manda Gh., Dan P., Ion Munt., Ilie H., Mihail Cr., etc.) it clearly appears that Gheorghe Ursu was interrogated by the Securitate, who, through the systematic torture during the investigation and in detention was trying to extract from his victim information regarding his letters to Radio Free Europe, his friends, his diaries and or other writings, etc. The Militia had no reason to torture Gheorghe Ursu: according to Major Popescu as well as to the staged civil law case, it clearly results that he did not present any more problems, Gheorghe Ursu had already admitted to all the accusations that had been brought up against him.

The date of the fatal strikes as described by witness Cas. coincides with:
-the date established by the Superior Medical-Legal Commission of IML to have passed from having been beaten to his death.
-the oldness of the bruises / ecchymoses observed and dated by several doctors (Mar., Hrit., Cost.) at the Jilava Hospital and notated on the clinical reports.
-the statements of the same doctors that Gheorghe Ursu "since Friday (November 15) was complaining of abdominal pains but had not been given any attention."
-from the medical/clinical report of Jilava Penitenciary Hospital of 17.XI.1985, attached to the case file, it results that the victim "was complaining since Friday of strong pains in the epigastric region reflected throughout the whole abdomen, bile vomiting, constipation..."
-from the same medical report it results that the local doctors had noticed "ecchymoses of various sizes in the hypogastrium and flanks", "ecchymoses of whose oldness, according to the doctors' statements (attached) based on their color and general aspect, coincided with the date of Friday 15.X.1985, precisely the date of the beatings during interrogation by PIRVULESCU MARIN, described above by witness Cas.
It ensues that between the beatings by Pirvulescu and Ursu's death there is a direct causal relationship, the former proving guilty of inhuman treatment and torture that subsequently caused the death of the victim, and of his murder.

2002-06-01 During Stanica Trial

"I was for 2 weeks in the same cell as Mr. Eng. Ursu, Gicuta, and Clita.  Eng. Ursu returned several times to the cell from being interrogated with serious abdomical pains; once he was even brought back in a blanket.  From him we found out that he had been beaten by the investigator and that's what caused his abdominal pain.  Clita and Gicuta were talking with Ursu, and they were ordered daily out of the I drew the conclusion they were probably informers."

The Statements of Witness SC

1990-11-30 - SPM
"Ursu Gheorghe told us that he had been arrested in connection to a diary and he was telling us something about Sweden...Around 11pm, he was taken out to interrogation. After some time he was brought back with visible marks of violence on the right side of his face and in the area of the nose, were bloody spots could be observed.  He was bleeding from the ear and from the nose.  He said that nobody spoke with him, he was in effect brought in to be beaten...He was telling how he was beaten by a Securitate captain or major ...the same that had already interrogated him some time before, had left him alone for a while, and now was interrogating him again....Ursu was saying that he was investigated in relation to the diary he had kept...The investigation had as its objective the problem of his diaries. He ws saying that he was interrogated by the same Securitate officer who had interrogated him once before."

This Securitate officer is evidently Pirvulescu Marin - the same one who had investigated him before while he was still free, and who, as it appears from the SRI note in the file, had just come back from a retraining course in Gradistea, on Oct. 16, 1985.