Sorin Vieru, President
Gabriel Andreescu
Radu Filipescu
Olga Ursu Stefan
Andrei Ursu

Honorary Members

Mariana Celac
Cornelia Stefanescu
Gina Vieru
Petre Mihai Bacanu
Helmut Frauendorfer

Camil Baciu
Stefan Augustin Doinas


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The Foundation expresses its gratitude to the following supporters for their generosity:

Honorary Sponsors:

Dr. Ioan Condor, France: Euro 1,000
Ian Foutch, Chicago, USA:  $1,000

Other donors: Adrian Lungu (New York, USA), Alexander Botta (New York, USA), Tereza Barta Bandol (Toronto, Canada), Tiberiu Georgescu (Chicago, USA)

The "Gheorghe Ursu" Foundation invites all those who would like to support the Fundation's activities to contact us. Any amount, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.
Likewise will be appreciated the non-financial show of support: any person who subscribes to the Foundation's objectives is invited to add her or his name to our list of supporters.

We consider any signal of solidarity as an affiliation to the ideas  of freedom, justice and humanism which were so dearly close to Gheorghe Ursu.